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The Man Who Changed the World

Jesus Christ

Christianity is a religion that believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ, the "Son of God. The creator and sole and absolute ruler of heaven, earth, and the universe is God in Christianity. The Christian God is basically the successor to the Jewish understanding of God, a God who makes a covenant with mankind and seeks to save him, but at the same time, a God who will bring severe judgment on those who disobey Him. In the "New Testament," God sent Jesus, the Son of God, to earth to redeem sinful mankind.

When asked by the scribes, "What is the most important law?" Jesus replies, "The most important law of all.

In other words, Jesus taught the importance of "love of God and love of neighbor. But Jesus' teaching on love does not stop there.

People generally love their neighbors and hate their enemies, but Jesus says, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. The "love" that Jesus teaches is a deep, boundless, infinite love that pours out to everyone, and this love is called "agape" in Greek.

There are four Greek words to describe love: agape (true love), storge (familial love), eros (sexual love), and philia (love of neighbor).

Of these, it is said that Jesus' apostle Paul and the Gospel writers used the word "agape" as the appropriate word for God's love. Agape" also means "free love," since God does not gain anything by loving human beings.

The important teaching of Christianity is "love of neighbor," which means to love not only those close to you or those you love, but also all those who appear before you.



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